Croydon Coin Auctions Website

It's 16 years since Croydon Coin Auctions moved onto the internet; since then our website has gone through several iterations but it's fair to say that the last site was due a little bit of an update.  Hopefully you will have already noticed that we have started on that process.

We are still working on some elements behind the scenes but fundamentally the new site works in much the same way as the old one, except hopefully it is slightly better.

We still have the same history of previous lots, with over 24,000 lots available to review, with estimates at the time of the sale, on the site.  There are over 2,500 half crowns and over 2,000 each of shillings, sixpences and pennies; farthings, crowns, half-pennies, Maundy, foreign, florins and miscellaneous lots make up the top 10, with over 1,000 lots of each.

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